Granada became a laboratory of interpretation

This week has met in Granada the Group of experts that make up the Shift In Oralityresearch project, dedicated to the study and creation of materials to train interpreters that wish to offer professional services of remote interpretation (telephone and videoconferencing). This project began in the year 2015 and has 3 years of research that will culminate with a website where all the materials will be accessible to everyone and a summer course for university students in Bologna, that will be the privileged that ahead is they will be before anyone else with these materials.

It should be noted that Shift (SHaping the Interpreters of the Future and of Today) was the European project on Humanities that received higher scores in all 2015. It seems that there is finally a recognition of the importance of research in translation and interpretation.

Since Translation formation, we are pleased that Gabriel Cabrera, our tutor’sinterpretation online courses and the #HangoutsTranslation driver, be part of the team of experts of this project.

The Granada meeting served as intermediate in the project meeting for experts analyse recordings of professional interpreters in the exercise of their work both in phone for video conferencing interpretation. The study is so deep that it allows to identify whether the interpreter maintains the same intonation, empathy, voice, speed… that the operator hits; If affected by the trauma of the arousal (in the case of health emergencies); If shown indifferent before the confusion of foreign…

With all this analysis is expected to reach create self-directed and audiovisual materials to ensure future interpreters remote resources to become. And this project not only includes the oral language, but that one of its members is a company dedicated to the interpretation in sign language by video conference.